Highly Sensitive Children, Empathy and Mental Health Disorders

In indigenous cultures, children who are highly sensitive, intuitive, connected to nature and perceptive about others’ emotional and physical states are considered “shamanic”. A child like this is handed over to the village medicine man or medicine woman for training and apprenticeship.

In the Western world, we have no such frame of reference for these type of children. Instead of skilled training and awareness of their innate perceptual talents, they are given a medical diagnosis and often heavily medicated. They may develop shame because they are treated like something is “wrong” with them. Some children do in fact have mental health issues or other neurological concerns, including Autism, ADHD and so on.

Many children in the mental health system are actually highly sensitive in various ways and are mirroring back the mental and spiritual sickness in our society. They may in fact demonstrate mental health issues that are either a result of not being understood, and thus not being taught the skills to deal with their innate sensitivities, or in many cases are actually experiencing mental health symptoms that are not really theirs.

It is important to understand the nuances of this, because highly empathic children can actually PICK UP the symptoms of others in their support groups!! They may appear to get WORSE because the underlying causes of their issues are not identified, and the traditional mental health care system (i.e. drugs and often group therapy) does not teach them to regulate their spiritual gifts. This type of care not only doesn’t teach them how to understand and regulate their processing of spiritual-energetic information, it actually EXPOSES them to absorbing negativity from others who are experiencing emotional turmoil and/or dysfunction.

If you have tried to address your child’s behavioral and emotional regulation challenges every way you know how, and can’t seem to shift it, then your child may be experiencing something that is originating on the spiritual-energetic level (as opposed to emotional, psychological, biomedical and/or neurosensorimotor levels). The good news is, if this is happening for your child, you CAN learn ways to support him or her to function in a more healthy way.

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