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April Choulat is the founder and CEO of The Integrative Autism Institute, an organization which promotes a holistic integrated approach to serving families and children affected by autism. The Integrative Autism Institute provides accessible services and education to parents and caregivers of children with autism as well as professional training and certification for autism service providers. Since 2005 April has served families in the U.S. and abroad through a combination of in-person and long distance support.

April has spent her professional career training and achieving certification in a variety of therapeutic approaches to autism treatment, including Applied Behavior Analysis in various forms, as well as educational, language-based and relationship-based home programming methods. She was certified in Relationship Development Intervention® from 2003-2013, and supports programming that empowers parents as primary guides to their children with autism. April is a Practitioner of HANDLE® and was mentored by Judith Bluestone before her passing in 2009, followed by studying with Dr. Arnold Miller before his passing in 2011. Currently April receives ongoing training, coaching and mentoring from various mentors, including Svetlana Masgutova, PhD, founder and creator of the Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI®) protocol.

As a result of this extensive depth and breadth of training, April has developed a step by step system for parents of children with autism to establish their priority goals and create a beginning level treatment plan so they can begin supporting their child’s development as soon as possible. She infuses her autism training with methods and tools learned from highly successful business coaches, so parents can be more focused, organized and efficient, and spend what valuable time they have prioritizing what will make the most difference for their child. Her parent-based programs range from online learning to group coaching, as well as private consultation and team trainings. The Transcend Autism Academy is the first program of its kind, offering a global community and world class coaching and support to parents who may not otherwise have access to cutting edge autism services.

She is a co-author of the #1 Best Selling book “Finding Fulfillment in the Spiritual Age” as well as “My Baby Can Dance: Stories of Autism, Asperger’s and Success Through the Relationship Development Intervention Program”.

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